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Yes, the right list is critical. Your direct mail strategy musttarget audiences most likely to respond to your offer. Should you use compiled lists or response lists? Both play an integral rolein reaching your market. Each have their own unique qualities. Often, when used in concert, they offer total and measurable marketcoverage.Compiled Lists

These are names and addresses derived from directories, phone books,newspapers, auto registrations, public records, retail sales slips,trade-show registrations, etc. They are used to identify groups ofpeople with something in common, and are often overlayed with additional demographic information.Use compiled lists to reach and evaluate an entire market - forexample, EVERY pharmacy in a particular state or EVERY family in acertain town. Your chances of reaching an entire market are bestwhen using compiled lists.

Response Lists

Proven buyers from consumer and business catalogs, card decks, spaceads, paid subscribers to periodicals and contributors to fundraisingefforts and charitable organizations.Use response lists when you need proven mail responders to maximizesales. These buyers have a proven track record from their past purchasing history.

Which list will bring you the best results?

Response files generally out perform compiled lists when seeking the highest response rate possible. Other situations, however, call for achieving special selectivity to target a well-defined population or market.

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