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Residential Consumer Database

The Residential Consumer Database contains individual. household, and demographic data on more than 90 million households and 140 million Individuals.

Glossary of key selection terms:

Name Head of Household or name of Spouse.

Age Including exact month and year of birth.

Income Household income. Can target the highly affluent,

Wealthiest, Millionaires and Billionaires

Home Value Dollar Value of residence

Dwelling Type Can select single family dwelling units  or multi-family

dwelling units.

Presence of Children Can select by number of children in household

and by age of children

Ethnic / Religious Can select consumers by ethnicity or Religion:  Asian,

German, Italian, Hispanic, French, Irish, Catholic,

Jewish and 25 others.

Telephone Numbers Approximately 70% of list available with phone numbers.

GenderMale / Female selection option

Output Formats available for Lists:

        • 4 - up Pressure sensitive Labels (peel & Stick)
        • 4 - up Cheshire labels (machine affixable)
        • Magnetic Tape
        • PC Diskette

Carrier Route Coding / Bar Coding

Carrier Route Coding and Bar coding are used to obtain discounted Postal rates

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last modified:

Monday, September 11, 2000