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Pricing and Terms

Prices quoted are for a single copy of the list in one ZIP string, for one-time use only, on four-across Cheshire labels. Pricesindicated are either cost per thousand ($/M) or flat for the entirelist ($/F). Please inquire about quantity discounts for 50,000 namesor more. All prices subject to change without notice.

Duplicate Labels

Second copies of all compiled lists and some mail-responsive listsare available at one-half the cost of the original list.


Lists are rented for one-time use only. No list, or part, furnishedby Lists Unlimited, Inc., may be used more than one time or by anyone other than the original mailer without the express permissionof Lists unlimited, Inc.

Unlimited Usage for One Year

All compiled lists are available for purchase to be used as many timesas the purchasers like for one year. The cost is charged at twice therate of a one-time rental.

Minimum Orders

Minimum order for compiled lists is $150 plus selection charges. Response lists have minimum order quantity requirements. Please inquire.


All orders must be submitted in writing. Accounts may be opened withfirms having a satisfactory D&B; rating or good standing credit  Lists Unlimited, Inc. Payment must accompany all initial ordersfrom new clients. Payment terms are Net 30 Days to customers with acontinuing use of our services.Lists are not subject to return or exchange. Cancellations of orders will be accepted provided reasonable payment for work in progress ismade.

Commissions on Compiled Lists Only

20% commission to all recognized list brokers, 15% commission to allrecognized advertising agencies, MASA shops and direct marketing consultants.

Selections and Options for Compiled Lists

Selections at no extra charge:

1. SIC Selection - up to 20 different SIC's

2. Nth Name (random selection)Selections at additional charge:

  • 1. State Selection                                        add $   5/M
  • 2. SCF, ZIP Code, County, Metro Area          add $   5/M
  • 3. Key coding                                              add $   1/M
  • 4. Telephone numbers                                  add $  15/M
  • 5. Executive Function                                   add $   5/M
  • On SIC lists                                                 add $  20/M
  • 6. Number of Employees                              add $   10/M
  • On SIC lists                                                add $  10/M
  • 7. Sales Volume                                          add $   10/M
  • 8. City size (population)                                add $   5/M
  • 9. Title Addressing                                       add $2.50/M
  • 10. Ethnic Surname Selection                      add $  20/M
  • 11. New Business                                       add $  70/M
  • 12. Headquarter select on SIC lists               add $  20/M


Method of shipping is normally UPS, where available. If no, orders will be shipped via overnight courier, standard, unless mailerspecifies otherwise on order.

Accuracy of List Counts

Before ordering printed material, please check with our account executives for the latest counts as lists are being updated continuously. In any case, no responsibility can be assumed for shortages or overruns on your material.

ZIP Codes

All lists, unless otherwise specified, are printed in ZIP code sequence for third-class mail usage.


We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express. N.Y. residents and businesses add sales tax.To contact a Lists Unlimited list professional to discuss your next mailing

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  • Lists Unlimited Inc.
  • 419 Park Avenue South, New York, NY, 10016, USA
  • TEL: 800-LISTMAN (547-8626)
  • TEL: 212-686-8501 (for foreign calls)
  • FAX: (212)-686-7718

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Monday, September 11, 2000