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Cheshire Labels

These are 4-across paper labels produced on continuous forms, 44 to a page, which are ungummed and unperforated. They can be affixed ONLY by a Cheshire labelling machine, not by hand. Each label measures 3.44" x 1" and print area is 28 characters. No extra charge.

Pressure Sensitive ("peel & stick") Labels

These labels peel off a wax backing and stick on envelopes, and can be hand or machine affixed. Dimensions: 3.2" x .92" and this is the best label for small runs or in-house mailings. $7.50/M additional.

Sheet Listing

One record per line, approximately 50 lines per page. In addition to the standard name and address, you will automatically receive any other information (including SIC, sales volume, number of employees,telephone number, etc.) that is available. Sheet listings are usually requested for internal office use. $15/M on most compiled lists; pricing for sheet listings for SIC lists vary.

Index Cards

3"x5" card stock. One record plus all available information (same ason Sheet Listing above) on each card. Usually used as a visual record for distribution to sales offices, dealers, distributors or for telephone sales. $25/M additional

Magnetic Tape

Usually 9-track, 1600 BPI or 9-track, 6250 BPI. Please specify any format other than these. Can be rented for one-time use, or if a compiled list, purchased for unlimited use during one year. Magnetic tapes are required for merge/purge or list suppression. $25 non-refundable tape charge.

Floppy Disk

Available for compiled lists only, this format allows you go generate mailing labels and personalized letters. Disks are IBM compatible 5.25"or 3.5" disk with ASCII file in sequential or fixed field format. Each disk contains approximately 5,000 records. Must be rented for unlimited use only. $120/M ($300 minimum) plus selection charges.

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